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Individual training
præstationsangst, nervøsitet, sceneskræk

Use an hour to develop as a presenter 


An individual session lasts approximately one hour and is based on your situation. You bring your own presentation or notes for a presentation.


The session can be used as preparation for an important presentation or as a general training in communication or presentation skills.

The training format varies between performance and feedback with the help of video recordings and exercises.

If your area of work does not directly involve presentations, you are very welcome to contact us and discuss how we can create a useful framework for your individual session.


Individual areas of focus. Examples include:

  • Tools to handle performance anxiety and stage fright (exam fright) 

  • Skilled improvement in being present and conveying thoughts clearly

  • Greater impact and effectiveness

  • Other…

We recommend a course of multiple sessions in order to establish continuity in the learning process and improve retention. A course lasts between 4 months - 1 year, depending on your schedule and situation. We typically sell a course as a voucher.


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