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About Captivator

Effective training of your personal communication with a focus on body language, authenticity and presence.

Do you want to shine through better when you stand in front of an audience?


Your body language is a tool box filled with unique tools - why not learn to use them? It would benefit both you and your audience!


Be aware of your habits - and how they affect the way you are perceived!


Being aware of your body language doesn’t need to feel artificial. The goal is to find concrete tools that can help you be more present and clear, have a greater impact and calm your nerves. .


Read more about Captivator and watch a video with Hanne Dalsgaard

We offer

We offer training in body language - communication - presentation skills

Foredrag og kropssprog og kommunikation
Præsentationsteknik træning af teams
God formidling, gennemslagskraft
tydelighed, nærvær, autenticitet

"Outstanding lecture! I arrived with sky-high expectations and was still pleasantly surprised.”


Lectures on communication and body language

Master Class

3-4 participants in a Master class. Participants take turns training and receiving feedback.


Master class in presentation skills and feedback 

Individual Training

1-hour concentrated individual teaching that gives you greater awareness and new tools.


Individual training in personal communication and body language 

Executive Package

As a leader at the top level, your performance is crucial 24-7. This package consists of training, observation and guidance


Training of personal communication for top leaders

We also offer online training

about online communication training


Hanne Dalsgaard deserves an A+ for her work.” When young ministers describe the teaching, they use words such as inspirational and educational – and cheerful. Hanne knows her business and is able to create a trusting atmosphere in a group, so that the participants dare to take up the challenge not only to observe themselves, but also to try out and learn new things.
Erling Andersen, Associate professor, Institute for training of ministers in the Danish State Church


I would highly recommend Hanne Dalsgaard to any communicator or teaching team that is serious about taking their skills to the next level. Our teaching team read Hanne's book Voice before she spent a few days coaching our teachers individually. The material, coaching and feedback she provided were excellent and we have continued to use what we learned.

Matt Reynolds

Lead Pastor, Grace Midtown, Atlanta

Communication is a true skill and Hanne really knows how to teach it to others. Every session developed and optimized my communication skills.
Conni kristensen, Vice President, Vestas Wind Systems


“ As a public speaker in multiple contexts and cultures around the world, I have found Hanne to be of incredible value as a coach and speaking mentor.  My team have benefitted enormously from her insight and training.  I cannot recommend her more highly.”
Mike Breen, Global Team Leader of 3DM, South Carolina, USA

Fantastic’, ‘really helpful’, ‘great input’, ‘one of the best things we’ve done’... were just some of the comments received from our staff
John Lovell, Philadelphia Campus, Sheffield, UK

Dalstrøget 45, 8600 Silkeborg 

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