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Hanne Dalsgaard

Hanne Dalsgaard

Hanne is a master’s degree-level singer from The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus. She has numerous hours of experience standing on a stage, including performing in more than 500 concerts in Scandinavia and 200 concerts in the United States.


Since 2008, she has been an independent consultant and has trained business leaders, teachers, politicians, pastors, and singers, among others. She has also given lectures in both Denmark and abroad (United States, Australia, England, Scotland, Norway and Sweden).


Hanne is curious about potential and loves to find practical and concrete tools that are simple enough to be implemented immediately. She is passionate and skilled at creating a good atmosphere.


The five observations

Hanne Dalsgaard has developed a model called “The Five Observations”.

The model effectively provides an overview and awareness of one’s own body language habits.

It is also used to identify concrete, individual areas to develop.


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